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Birthdate:Dec 8
Name: Commonly goes by Jean Priou. May or may not be true name.

Age: Forgotten

Supernatural Race: Vampire

Clan: Tzimisce

Rank: Methuselah

Description: Jean is of moderate height, but seems taller due to his innate regal air. His hair is jet black, and he always keeps himself neat, wearing nice suits and the like. However, despite his neat, regal airs, he has a dangerous, feral quality about him. This is only amplified by his inherent arrogance.


Of the Body:

1) He is supernaturally stronger than mortals, and even stronger than a lot of vampires. Also, he his senses are much more advanced than a humans and as such, his perception is very high. He is also faster than mortals, but his speed is only average compared to some vampires. His body is a lot more resilient to damage as well, as he is able to take fatal damage to mortals and go on unfazed.

2) He can manipulate the flesh and bone both of himself and of others. This allows him to create creatures out of his imagination that would rival the nightmares of most mortals and vampires alike. This is aided by his ability to create enhanced humans known as ghouls by feeding them some of his blood. A ghoul is more readily able to survive his manipulations and when completed is a truly frightening adversary indeed. Needless to say, many of these patrol his secluded manse, ready to devour any unwelcome intruders.

3) Using this power over his own flesh, he has misplaced his heart within his chest so that one aiming to stake him will not succeed if they strike true to where his heart should be. Not even those closest to him know of this personal alteration.

4) Also relating to this power, he can, after concentrating for a few moments, grow and turn into a heinous monstrosity. This form is never exactly the same, but his strength increases exponentially, and his other physical attributes become much better as well. His skin becomes much tougher and hide-like, and it is not unheard of for it to ooze an acidic substance. He cannot communicate verbally in this form, and obviously his charisma completely disappears.

5) Perhaps most deadly of all, he can instill an incredibly potent, lethal fleshrot on somebody that will kill them within a day usually, though he can control how fast it acts. Sometimes it is simply more enjoyable to watch somebody suffer for several days.

6) He can turn into sentient blood and flow around as he sees fit. The only thing that can harm him in this state is fire and sunlight.

7) He can drain another vampire down to empty and then keep going, stealing their soul and some of their power. A very feared skill.

Of the Mind:

1) Jean is a minor telepath, able to read the minds of mortals but not of anyone that can shield their mind at all. This is more useful for establishing contact with another mind which he wishes to communicate with. For his own creations, he also has the power of memory manipulation so that he can create the minds, memories, and personalities that he desires in those that serve him. He is not, however, good enough at this talent to use it on the unwilling or the unbroken.

2) Jean’s willpower is strong, and his mind is like steel. Others may be able to look into it easily, for he is not good at blocking that out. To control his mind or manipulate it, however, is incredibly difficult.

3) His presence is rather imposing, supernaturally so. Mortals will feel on edge around him, if not actually fearful for reasons they don’t understand.

Of Shadow:

1) He is able to manipulate shadow with his hands as though it were flesh. Doing this, he has made and can make incredibly stealthy, lethal ghoul shadow/mortal combinations to patrol his manse. Also, fiddling with somebody’s shadow causes them extreme agony, as it feels as though their very essence is being ripped apart. Tzimisce do not normally know the discipline involving shadows, but Jean was fortunate enough to learn it from Ceara, the former lover.


1) As with most vampires, the sun is incredibly lethal to him. He can resist its rays for a few minutes (with very painful results), but it quickly starts killing him after that.

2) A stake through the heart will not kill him, but will instantly paralyze him, leaving him as easy prey for one who would wish to leave him out in the sun.

3) Jean is very very very very OH SO VERY territorial. He is able to sense if anybody is on his territory instantly, and if they are uninvited this drives him to psychotic rage. Even his closest friends (the few that he actually has) may not enter without seeking an invitation. If he is away from his manse and somebody attempts to enter, he ceases all that he is doing (important or not) and immediately dashes back to his manse to get rid of the intruder.

4) Any of telepathic prowess may read his mind, just not affect it.


Jean Priou has existed for years upon years, centuries upon centuries, possibly even over a millenia. He is a reclusive vampire that has been called a sadist by some who have seen the results of his experimentations. Those few who have truly experienced the full range of these experiences swear on their lives that he is absolutely a sadist and that he has not only stared into the abyss of madness and evil; he is that abyss. Even they are wrong, however. Their perceptions have been tainted by their often horrific experiences with his creations or worse – he himself. (Of course, many of the latter often have neither the mind nor in some cases the physical capacity to speak of their experiences). Those who truly know him know that his experimentations are not a result of evil, but instead derive from an absolute lack of regard for human life. He is not evil; he is apathetic towards the human condition. Humans call such a person among their own kind a ‘sociopath’, but Jean Priou does not consider himself human so the same terms do not apply. He cares only about those he considers his equals, and those are in every case vampires.

However, he has not always been as he is now. When he was created, his Sire forced him to kill his whole family and destroyed his mind through excessive unimaginable torture. In the wake of the destruction of everything that Jean was, his sire slowly built a new personality – one devoid of all humanity that thrived on chaos and depravity as much as he did. However, there was enough left of his old self that he loathed what he had become. That combined with the lust for power that his own sire had ironically built up in him combined to precipitate the ultimate betrayal. One night when his sire returned to their haven weakened by a fight with another of their kind, Jean Priou rose up and slew his maker. Some part of him took pleasure in this revenge for this existence; the rest simply wished to be rid of the yoke of his master and to steal his master’s power for himself. This was where he first learned how to commit the foul act of diablerie, draining his sire’s blood on instinct and then going a bit further until he consumed the very essence of the older vampire. Unfortunately, his condition and the damage to his psyche was irreversible, and so he lived for centuries in seclusion, coming out only to terrorize the nearby villages that he claimed dominion over.

Eventually he came across other vampires and figured out that he could do the same thing to them that he had done to his sire. He began to actively seek out other powerful vampires and drain them of their essences and their power, and the more he consumed, the more he was driven mad with desire for more and more of the forbidden fruit. He stole so many vampires’ essences over the centuries that he actually became more powerful than his age. One day, though, he came across the essence of an artistic vampire of the Toreador clan that was too powerful for him. When he ripped the vampire’s essence from his body through his neck, its personality actually overrode his own, changing him into an entirely different vampire for the second time in his unlife. He settled in the medieval town that was known as Waterdeep, which had been the other vampire’s home, taking his victims name of Jean Priou and seeming for all the world to be that person. His powers over the flesh aided in this, as he manipulated his appearance to match that of the former Jean Priou. The essence of what he had been, however, had not disappeared because it was too strong; it had merely been submerged. As time passed, the relative ‘good’ of the Toreador’s personality merged with his original personality as it began to resurface more and more until he became the hybrid that he is today: a vampire who basically honorable (by his own standards) but by no means 'good' by some definitions and who still does not value mortal lives in the slightest, as he uses them in his lab to create his monstrosities. He does not always needlessly torture them any more, but to most that is a very small consolation in comparison to the creatures he turns them into.

Now Jean Priou has come to New England. There are times when one needs to broaden one's territory. Jean was a part of the land, but the land moved on without him. Interests that he could not ignore encroached upon his, and rather than fight them he has moved on. The 'new world' that is not so new any more is a place has not had the opportunity to explore. Here he will carve out a new territory amongst the freaks and the damned, hidden from prying eyes by being another oddity in a land of oddities.
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